The Best Surfboard for Beginners – I Finally Found It!

We all know the importance of having access to top notch beginner surfboards, especially when we’re trying to practice our sick wave riding skills. Well, thats exactly what we have found! I give you the Greco 8′ Foam Soft Surfboard.

This 8′ soft top foam board surfboard is perhaps one of the best beginner surfboards I have ever come across, and I have come across quite a few in my time. Most foamboards are equipped with 1 or 2 basic (and weak) wooden stringers! This one, it includes 3 for SUPER extra strength. It has a supreme quality density IXPE top, which comes in at 10 tops. It comes with the ever standard high quality HDPE bottom and boasts the one of the finest EPS cores known to surfing. The leash and the fins have been improved to match that of those super sleek fiberglass surfboards we all know and love.

It’s plainly obvious that this board has been made with the highest quality materials possible, as it’s not only thick & wide, but it’s surprisingly comfortable too! We’ve all had those boards where buoyancy was hit or miss — this is a big HIT and it supports your body weight like a dream. As far as beginner surfboards go, this one really impresses me — and it takes a lot to do that.

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Sure, there are some cheaper variations and knock-offs out there, but why on earth would you buy cheap surfboards which perform poorly? I’d rather spend a little extra now and develop my skills properly than waste my time & my money on some flimsy piece of foam that will NEVER help me to become an expert surfer.

I routinely have young kids and aspiring young surfers come up to me and ask me to recommend a good beginners surfboard; I teach surfing lessons after my day job. Usually, I don’t have a SPECIFIC recommendation for them and just tell them that everyone is different and they should try doing some research on the different boards that are available.

Of course, I do mention to them my favorite brand/distributor, which is Becker Surfboards, but I don’t really get into any in-depth specifics. After all, every surfer has to find his/her own board, right? I mean, it’s like a right-of-passage.

greco boardsAnyways, now that I have found this board, I am going to STOP “not recommending” and START recommending this one by name to everyone that asks me about beginner surfboards. If I had this sort of board when I first got into surfing, wooo-weee, I would have been miles ahead of all my friends.

Greco 8′ Foam Soft Surfboard — I recently found it on amazon, which is excellent. Before you had to get in touch with a surfboard shop and have it ordered and then wait a couple of weeks. Now you can just go to amazon and buy it and get it shipped right to your house within a couple of days. Truly outstanding! Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

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