The Beginners Surfboard | Long Term Reliability VS Cheap Surfboard

js surfboards bigThere is a lot of debate as to what a beginners surfboard should be. Should it be an expensive, high-end surfboard which can withstand the heavy wear & tear of a newbie surfer OR should it be a cheap foamboard that is going to get torn up and discarded super fast?

To be honest, it’s all about preference and budget. If you’ve got the cash, then go ahead and shell out the extra money for a more reliable, more study surfboard — one that won’t crack and get dinged-up on the first wipe out. Then again, if you’re strapped for cash and have that sixth-sense feeling that your going to wipe out again & again & again (which is more then likely), then don’t feel pressured into spending $800 on a new beginners surfboard. Just throw down $100, get yourself a basic board, and then hit those waves. Will you have to get a replacement down the line? Of course, but it sure beats spending money you don’t have on a board you might not be able to handle, right?

Some Quick Tips for Hit It & Quit It Surf Board Owners…

Don’t Worry About Shape.

Tail shape is pretty much a non-issue at the moment, and the same goes for the amount of fins on your board. You’re not competing with champion surfers, you’re trying to LEARN HOW TO SURF as safely & easily as possible. You don’t need to confuse yourself with these “extras” — at least not for the first few months.

Soft Surfboards Are Your Friend.

As the name suggest, these are “soft” — which is the perfect choice for a beginners surfboard. Several companies make these types of boards and they can even be bought online.  Take a look at the sidebar and see for yourself ============>

Learning how to surf with MINIMAL accidents, Ain’t life grand?

Big & Thick.

Yeah, Yeah, the cool guys and gals got those narrow, sleek looking boards that make you melt with excitement — I know. Well, sorry to say, but you’re NOT one of them yet. To put it simply, you want to be using BIG, THICK boards for your wave riding needs. I’m talking 8′ and 9′ surfboards! This will help give you maximum buoyancy and help make paddling far easier, not to mention help with stability.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather use a big goofy looking board that makes me a better surfer (in the long run) than a nice sleek one that only increases how many times I wipeouts. And in all seriousness, they don’t look goofy at all, especially not the Greco 8′ Foam Longboard, that thing is a real beauty!

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