The Best Surfboard for Beginners – I Finally Found It!

We all know the importance of having access to top notch beginner surfboards, especially when we’re trying to practice our sick wave riding skills. Well, thats exactly what we have found! I give you the Greco 8′ Foam Soft Surfboard.

This 8′ soft top foam board surfboard is perhaps one of the best beginner surfboards I have ever come across, and I have come across quite a few in my time. Most foamboards are equipped with 1 or 2 basic (and weak) wooden stringers! This one, it includes 3 for SUPER extra strength. It has a supreme quality density IXPE top, which comes in at 10 tops. It comes with the ever standard high quality HDPE bottom and boasts the one of the finest EPS cores known to surfing. The leash and the fins have been improved to match that of those super sleek fiberglass surfboards we all know and love.

It’s plainly obvious that this board has been made with the highest quality materials possible, as it’s not only thick & wide, but it’s surprisingly comfortable too! We’ve all had those boards where buoyancy was hit or miss — this is a big HIT and it supports your body weight like a dream. As far as beginner surfboards go, this one really impresses me — and it takes a lot to do that.

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Sure, there are some cheaper variations and knock-offs out there, but why on earth would you buy cheap surfboards which perform poorly? I’d rather spend a little extra now and develop my skills properly than waste my time & my money on some flimsy piece of foam that will NEVER help me to become an expert surfer.

I routinely have young kids and aspiring young surfers come up to me and ask me to recommend a good beginners surfboard; I teach surfing lessons after my day job. Usually, I don’t have a SPECIFIC recommendation for them and just tell them that everyone is different and they should try doing some research on the different boards that are available.

Of course, I do mention to them my favorite brand/distributor, which is Becker Surfboards, but I don’t really get into any in-depth specifics. After all, every surfer has to find his/her own board, right? I mean, it’s like a right-of-passage.

greco boardsAnyways, now that I have found this board, I am going to STOP “not recommending” and START recommending this one by name to everyone that asks me about beginner surfboards. If I had this sort of board when I first got into surfing, wooo-weee, I would have been miles ahead of all my friends.

Greco 8′ Foam Soft Surfboard — I recently found it on amazon, which is excellent. Before you had to get in touch with a surfboard shop and have it ordered and then wait a couple of weeks. Now you can just go to amazon and buy it and get it shipped right to your house within a couple of days. Truly outstanding! Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Even More Beginner Surfboards to Check Out!

greco boardsHey guys, been looking around and found another great surfboard for beginners that is sure to bring you countless hours of wave shredding fun.

The board is called the 8′ Foam Longboard Surfboard by Greco. What makes this board worth recommending and posting about? Because I really, really like it, thats why!

Seriously though, one of the young surfers I I give private surf lessons to came by with this board — he had just gotten it 2 weeks ago — and he told me how much it’s helping him practice. Before, he was using a cheap, USED surfboard (hard-top) and he would tell me how he was ALWAYS getting bumps, bruises, and your typical dings. After hearing about softtop beginner surfboards from me weeks earlier, he naturally told his mom he wanted a new board for his birthday and VIOLA, he got what he wished for — the 8′ Foam Longboard Surfboard by Greco!

Now, you guys know I don’t recommend boards willy-nilly, so here is my REAL explanation of why I am posting about his beginners surfboard….

During our last session — before he got this new surfboard — this kid was a TOTAL wipe-out spaz, and more importantly, he knew it. No matter what I told him, what advice I gave him, what tricks I showed him, he always managed to wipeout in the harshest of ways. He was very critical of himself about his lack of skill and constant wipeouts, but I told him that half the battle is choosing the right type of surfboard — he simply had the wrong type. Not big enough, not wide enough, not stable enough for his body type.

Well, he took that advice to heart (finally!) and, as I mentioned earlier, managed to himself a new, much more suitable surfboard. Well, it paid off! Our last session was a complete turn around. This kid had gone from complete newbie surfer to “actual surfer” in just two short weeks.

How can this be explained? CONFIDENCE! Although the board was a huge part of how he improved, the kid was NOW confident in his surfing equipment and it’s ability to help him improve. He isn’t using some crappy, used surfboard that doesn’t hit his body type or skill level — he’s using a QUALITY beginners surfboard, one he can trust and depend on for months & months to come. And no, I’m not knocking used surfboards. I’m knocking CHEAP used surfboards that are well past their prime and should NEVER EVER EVER be used by beginners!

Now, am I going to tell you to go out and buy the 8′ Foam Longboard Surfboard by Greco just to be more confident? No, not at all. What I WILL tell you is that you need to buy a surfboard that you can feel confident in using day in and day out. One that will make surfing EASIER as opposed to harder and possibly more painful.

As I always says, you can get your beginner surf board from anywhere you’d like. A local surf-shop, ebay, amazon, a friend, a hand-me-down, or even from online surfboard dealers. But, if you’re really smart, you’ll get your board the same place I now get mine from — Amazon Surfboards.

They’ve got the best boards at the best prices I’ve seen to date and they offer free shipping on a lot their high-quality boards (not all of them). I actually live about 10 minutes away (walking distance) from a reliable surf-shop yet I STILL get my boards from amazon! Truth be told, I’ve become a bit of an Amazon shopping junkie and I do the bulk of my shopping there.

If you’ve not yet chosen your surfboard, I highly recommend reading these awesome reviews about the Greco 8′ Foamboard Surfboard.

The Beginners Surfboard | Long Term Reliability VS Cheap Surfboard

js surfboards bigThere is a lot of debate as to what a beginners surfboard should be. Should it be an expensive, high-end surfboard which can withstand the heavy wear & tear of a newbie surfer OR should it be a cheap foamboard that is going to get torn up and discarded super fast?

To be honest, it’s all about preference and budget. If you’ve got the cash, then go ahead and shell out the extra money for a more reliable, more study surfboard — one that won’t crack and get dinged-up on the first wipe out. Then again, if you’re strapped for cash and have that sixth-sense feeling that your going to wipe out again & again & again (which is more then likely), then don’t feel pressured into spending $800 on a new beginners surfboard. Just throw down $100, get yourself a basic board, and then hit those waves. Will you have to get a replacement down the line? Of course, but it sure beats spending money you don’t have on a board you might not be able to handle, right?

Some Quick Tips for Hit It & Quit It Surf Board Owners…

Don’t Worry About Shape.

Tail shape is pretty much a non-issue at the moment, and the same goes for the amount of fins on your board. You’re not competing with champion surfers, you’re trying to LEARN HOW TO SURF as safely & easily as possible. You don’t need to confuse yourself with these “extras” — at least not for the first few months.

Soft Surfboards Are Your Friend.

As the name suggest, these are “soft” — which is the perfect choice for a beginners surfboard. Several companies make these types of boards and they can even be bought online.  Take a look at the sidebar and see for yourself ============>

Learning how to surf with MINIMAL accidents, Ain’t life grand?

Big & Thick.

Yeah, Yeah, the cool guys and gals got those narrow, sleek looking boards that make you melt with excitement — I know. Well, sorry to say, but you’re NOT one of them yet. To put it simply, you want to be using BIG, THICK boards for your wave riding needs. I’m talking 8′ and 9′ surfboards! This will help give you maximum buoyancy and help make paddling far easier, not to mention help with stability.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather use a big goofy looking board that makes me a better surfer (in the long run) than a nice sleek one that only increases how many times I wipeouts. And in all seriousness, they don’t look goofy at all, especially not the Greco 8′ Foam Longboard, that thing is a real beauty!

Beginner Surf Boards: Don’t Get Too Attached To Your Board

brokenboardIn all honesty, getting attached to your surfboard is a completely natural thing, especially when you’ve been with it for so long and you’ve been through more wipeouts than you can count. But, that doesn’t mean you should think it invincible. If you’re new to surfing and you’re using what we call a “beginners surfboard“, well, it’s not a relationship that’s going to last very long — and that’s EVEN IF you spent some extra money on a more durable board.

Surfboards break ALL THE TIME, even for the pros who have mastered the biggest, narliest waves you’ve ever seen. That said, what do you thinks going to happen to the board of a total newbie, a surfer who is just TRYING to learn how to surf and develop the right stance and techniques? Ya think he might break one or two boards (maybe even 3 or 4) along the way? Well, you’re absolutely right! New surfers are 3 to 4 times as likely to break a new board when they start surfing the first time. This is why it’s important to not get so attached to your board too quickly — cause it’s going to die one day and there is nothing you can do about it!


Whoa, don’t get the idea you should now treat your beginners surfboard like a piece of garbage — cause you shouldn’t! It should be respected and it should be taken care of to the best of your ability. So surfboards for beginners don’t have the longest shelf-life — that doesn’t mean you can’t treasure what time you DO have with it, right?

Want to get a surfboard that was MADE TO LAST? So many surfboards these days crack like twigs at the first sign of a wipeout. They ding & ding & ding until finally they are an embarrassment — not to mention a health hazard — to paddle out on. If you want to get past these crappy surfboards and get one that you won’t have to replaced after a month, then we recommend the 8′ Foamboard Softop Surfboard by Greco Surfboards. We have tried and tested this board and it is proving to be one of the most durable, long lasting ones we’ve ever come across, which is especially awesome for beginners. Find out more about this exceptional board here…. The Best Surfboard for Beginners – I Finally Found It!